About is a free web app that helps you save your tweets in the form of a PDF, aka tweetbook. Tweets are ordered chronologically, oldest first, giving it a diary like feel.

I first got the idea when I read this blog post. I wrote a simple script to create a PDF from my tweets. When few of my friends were interested to get a PDF of their own tweets, I wrote this application.


  1. I am not able to create tweetbook of my old tweets. Why?

    Unfortunately Twitter restricts the number of tweets one can access for a user. As of now Twitter has a limit of 3200, which means that you can only access your latest 3200 tweets. Hence, tweetbook will, at most create a tweetbook of your latest 3200 tweets. Sorry but we can do nothing about it.

  2. I see boxes or question marks or gibberish text instead of tweets? Why?

    It is most probably an issue with the font embedded in the PDF which fails to display text. We try to support as many languages as possible. If you have problems with any language, please drop a mail at the contact address below. We will try our best to support it.

  3. Do you save or use my tweets? What about privacy?

    We store your tweets temporarily for creating your tweetbook. All tweets and PDFs are deleted when you logout.

  4. Why do I see advertisements in my tweetbook? is free web application but running a free service isn't sustainable. We incur server costs. We also spend quite a bit of our personal time to keep this site running. Advertisements help us pay bills and keep this service free for you to use.


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